JIB Towbars now fit caravan motor movers!


Our Caravan motor mover fitting Service Area covers the West Midlands. Offering fittings throughout Birmingham, Coventry, Nuneaton, Derby, Wolverhampton, Telford, Coventry, Rugby, Dudley, Redditch, Worcester, Kidderminster, Nottingham & Leicester. For more information about service coverage, or to see if we can come out to you check our handy coverage map.

e-go Titanium

The e-go Titanium is precision engineered to be a lightweight solution to caravan moving. Providing the same reliable application this lightweight mover is still strong and reliable. Designed so that its lightweight frame does not have an effect on its performance or strength. The weight saving design means a weight of just 23kg for two motors and includes hollow cast alloy rollers, a tailor made crossbar and lightweight alloy body. Any unnecessary weight has been stripped out. e-go Titanium also features dual wheel engagement, so that it can be fully engaged with from either side of the caravan. Get in touch with us for more detailed information on this product.



e-go Platinum

The e-go Platinum is an auto engage caravan mover. Its sole aim is to simplify the process of caravan moving, while eliminating the need for manual labour. The remote controlled mover weighs just 24 kg per two motors, and is specially designed to be as small as possible. While the mover still retains the strength required to get the job completed. Made using lightweight but high grade materials, the e-go Platinum offers a high output for low gear motors and its alloy gearbox drives wheel rollers more smoothly. The rollers used within this caravan mover are purposely lightweight as well as anti – corrosion. Ensuring their lifespan is as long as possible, whilst doing no damage to the tyres on the caravan being moved.

No work at all is required when using the e-go platinum, simply do it all from the handy remote control. Engage and disengage the motor in the palm of your hand, and move the caravan in the same way. For any further information on the e-go Platinum, please get in touch.



e-go Plug & Play

The e-go Plug & Play is the ideal caravan mover for commercial trailers and continental caravans that are not fitted with their own leisure battery. The mover is remote controlled similarly to the e-go Platinum, but it is detachable from the caravan. Meaning there is no need for long term fitting solutions such as cutting holes. Simply attached the crossbar to a caravan and add on the motors whenever they are needed, removing them when they are not. e-go Plug & Play is ideal for caravans that are not moved frequently. Installation of the mover is simple, with no long term changes or damage to the caravan. Want to know more about the e-go Plug & Play? Get in touch with us for a chat.







Chain Driven Motor Mover

The EM203 is a chain driven motor mover that is remote control operated to give you more freedom when moving a caravan. Featuring a high quality chain drive gearbox and robust aluminium rollers, this mover provides great grip and a reliable moving system. Made from coated steel, the motor mover offers reliable resistance from harsh environments. Durable throughout the varying weather of the year, it is also splash proof and corrosion resistant. It’s rollers can be manually engaged and disengaged from both sides with a crank. The EM203 is easy to operate as its remote control allows for a smoother manoeuvring process, with precise movements from the palm of your hand. Give us a call for more information on this mover.






Gear Driven Semi Automatic Motor Mover

As a Gear Driven semi automatic motor mover, the EM303 is a low cost but high quality motor mover. The affordable solution to moving your caravan. It offers solid aluminium rollers and a high quality gearbox. It’s finish also means that is is splash proof and corrosion resistant, allowing for use in any kind of weather. Great grip from the rollers ensures an easy moving experience. Rollers are able to be engaged and disengaged from the tyres on both sides simultaneously using the crank supplied with the motor mover. Utilising smart start stop technology that prevents jolting during the move, this remote controlled mover makes moving a caravan easy. With no manual work required, everything can be done from the palm of your hand with the supplied remote control. For more information on this mover, please get in touch with us.





Gear Driven Automatic Motor Mover

The fully automatic answer to caravan moving, the EM303A is a gear driven automatic motor mover. It’s fully automatic status means that no manual labour is required. Roller engagement is fully automatic and can be initiated with the push of a button. Much like the other models, the EM303A has a high quality gearbox with strong aluminium rollers. Providing excellent grip during movement in any conditions. Just push one button to get the motor mover engaged, and use the handy remote control to manoeuvre the caravan into position.

The mover is simple to use and is clearly labelled with instructions. Offering smooth start and stop technology that reduces jolting and allows your to change the direction of caravan without having to pause its movement. Rollers are then disengaged from both sides at the same time. A motor mover that is small but powerful, the EM303A is suitable for any weather. Want to know more? Get in touch with us.






Heavy Duty Automatic Gear Driven Motor Mover

The EM303 is the heavy duty mover of the Emove range. An automatic gear driven motor mover that is incredibly powerful and fully automatic. It’s modern design also features the standard reliable high quality gearbox and strong aluminium rollers that Emove install onto all of their caravan movers. This motor mover is suitable for caravans with a weight up to 2000kg. As a powerful mover the EM305 offers great grip on caravan tyres whatever the weather and its fully automatic roller engagement reduces the amount of manual labour required to get it working. Everything is done from the remove control handset which makes caravan movement simple. Offering easy movements and stopping with no need to pause movement to change the caravans direction. Coated steel offers protection from corrosion meaning it can be used in any weather setting. Call us for a more detailed discussion on this mover.