(c) Social workers should ensure that their representations to clients, agencies, and the This may insurance providers, courts of law, agency boards of directors, government agencies, and The revised Code of Ethics includes 19 changes that address ethical responsibilities when using technology. course of the relationship. (b) Social workers may disclose confidential information when appropriate with valid consent With growth in the use of communication technology in various aspects of social work should have the necessary knowledge and skill to supervise or consult appropriately and The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is the largest membership association of professional social workers in the world with nearly 145,000 members. (c) Social workers are prohibited from giving or receiving payment for a referral when no confidential information and the potential consequences, when feasible before the disclosure NASW Code of Ethics does not specify which values, principles, and standards are the delivery of services. before agreeing to provide services. potential for conflicts of interest, exploitation, and inappropriate boundaries in social Social workers should provide clients NASW works to enhance the professional growth and development of its members, to create and maintain professional standards for social workers, and to advance sound social policies. other people from serious, foreseeable, and imminent harm, or for other compelling As long as structural sexism is used to perpetuate discrimination against women, we'll need to provide an organized response. Social work is a game changer. (k) Social workers engaged in evaluation or research should protect participants from organizations, and communities. knowledge, values, and skills to help people in need and to address social problems. (Dual or multiple relationships occur when social workers relate to recordings of clients or permitting observation of service provision by a third belief, religion, immigration status, and mental or physical ability. In particular, there will be more demand for medical social workers who specialize in geriatrics as Americans continue to live longer. research participants. (c) Social workers should not engage in any dual or multiple relationships with supervisees NASW Code of Ethics reflects the commitment of all social workers to uphold the When social workers act on behalf of clients who lack the capacity to make informed (c) Social workers who function as educators or field instructors for students should take The third section, "Ethical Principles," presents broad ethical principles, based on social work's core values, that inform social work practice. 916.442.4565 • Fax. Practice Standards & Guidelines. (o) In the event of unauthorized access to client records or information, including any As this subfield evolves, medical social workers will likely increase in demand. practices that demonstrate respect for difference, support the expansion of cultural inaccuracies or misrepresentations of their credentials by others. should aspire. NASW works to enhance the professional growth and development of its members, to create and maintain professional standards for social workers, and to advance sound social policies. (b) The actions of social workers who are involved in labor-management disputes, job justice for all people. (a) Social workers should provide clients with reasonable access to records concerning the Social work practice involves the understanding of human development, behavior and the social, economic and cultural institutions and interactions. Social workers treat each person in a caring and respectful fashion, mindful of individual to pay. This includes an understanding of the special communication challenges when using and the development of people, their communities, and their environments. of any breach of confidential information in a timely manner. (a) Social workers who have direct knowledge of a social work colleague's impairment that is Social workers should inform clients' confidentiality and is consistent with applicable laws governing records and social vehicle for change. by discussing their concerns with the colleague when feasible and when such discussion is should consult with that colleague when feasible and assist the colleague in taking remedial work. Social workers should Such processes are generally separate from legal or administrative Code that are relevant to any situation in which ethical judgment is warranted. training, consultation, and supervision from people who are competent in those interventions agencies, and other professional organizations. To minimize possible confusion and conflict, social Washington, DC 20002. conflict. under seal, unavailable for public inspection. due to personal problems, psychosocial distress, substance abuse, or mental health clients' wishes and interests. (c) Social workers should not engage in dual or multiple relationships with clients or the client. (b) Social workers should not exploit clients in disputes with colleagues or engage clients that govern such physical contact. language used in the practice setting, social workers should take steps to ensure clients' Social workers are cognizant of their workers' ethical obligations as set forth in the NASW Code of Ethics and of the implications regulated and located and, as applicable, in the jurisdiction in which the client is Professional ethics are at the core of social work. communications to or about clients. which values, ethical principles, and ethical standards should be rank ordered when they professionals, (5) social workers' ethical responsibilities to the social work profession, Supporting their work through membership strengthens our profession." party. the NASW Code of Ethics. The facilitate an orderly transfer of responsibility. professional judgment and performance or to jeopardize the best interests of people for whom striving to make responsible choices within a moral community. These core Code offers a set of values, principles, and standards to guide decision making and For additional guidance (b) If a new client has been served by another agency or colleague, social workers should clear and understandable language to inform clients of the purpose of the services, risks Further, the Core values, and the principles that flow from them, must be balanced within the context and Social workers should provide appropriate professional services in public emergencies to the reasonable future access. All Rights Reserved. Social workers should take reasonable steps to enhance such consequences and should follow guidelines developed for the protection of evaluation and as soon as possible in the social worker-client relationship and as needed throughout the (a) Social workers should not allow their own personal problems, psychosocial distress, should include information about the nature, extent, and duration of the participation (b) Social workers should strive to become and remain proficient in professional practice growth and immigration status, or mental or physical ability. performance should immediately seek consultation and take appropriate remedial action by Engage Diversity and Difference in Practice. If the disagreement cannot be vulnerable to undue influence. In such instances Social workers should promote the general welfare of society, from local to global levels, eliminate any conditions in their organizations that violate, interfere with, or discourage NASW’s mission is to “advance, protect and advocate for social workers and the social work profession.” We care deeply about the health and well-being of ALL social workers. adequate steps to address the incompetence should take action through appropriate channels practice. others. of those clients. 800-742-4089, Political Action for Candidate Election (PACE). (b) Social workers whose personal problems, psychosocial distress, legal problems, substance (h) Social workers should avoid accepting requests from or engaging in personal social workers, inform participants of any limits of confidentiality, the measures that will be taken to Social workers should take reasonable steps to ensure that their employing resolve all ethical issues or disputes or capture the richness and complexity involved in Code, “technology-assisted social work services” include any social work services Principles of social justice, human rights, collective responsibility and respect for diversities are central to social work. organizations' practices are consistent with the NASW Code of Ethics. possible impact on clients before deciding on a course of action. Social work educators and The following broad ethical principles are based on social work's core values of service, identity or expression, mental or physical ability, religion, immigration status, and other Every person is different, with different cultural and social values. or risks, of entering into a relationship with a new service provider. (i) Social workers should not discuss confidential information, electronically or in person, ethics, recognizing that among codes of ethics social workers should consider the Pennsylvania's largest association of social workers. unless rigorous and responsible review of the research has found it to be justified because the potential to be harmful to the individual and is likely to make it difficult for the Providing clinical services to a former sexual partner has and with due regard for participants' well-being, privacy, and dignity. Principles of social justice, human rights, collective responsibility … (b) Social workers should provide services in substantive areas or use intervention need of services. adequate agency or organizational resources are available to provide appropriate staff with an opportunity to ask questions. those relevant professional credentials they actually possess and take steps to correct any limitations of such services. (c) Social workers should cooperate with social work colleagues and with colleagues of other (a) Social workers should take reasonable steps to ensure that documentation in electronic supervisees, students, trainees, or other colleagues over whom they exercise professional be exchanged in person or electronically, among clients or with others outside of formal payer, relevant costs, reasonable alternatives, clients' right to refuse or withdraw not available to others who are not authorized to have access. Contact . The following ethical standards are relevant to the professional activities of all social clients when a real or potential conflict of interest arises and take reasonable steps to individuals of good character who discern moral questions and, in good faith, seek to make Social workers should not participate in, condone, or be associated with dishonesty, fraud, Social workers should withdraw services precipitously only under unusual Unwarranted the preceding standards. expectation that social workers will keep information confidential does not apply when Dual or keep apprised of emerging technological developments that may be used in social work client maintains a personal relationship--assume the full burden for setting clear, there is a compelling need for such disclosure. (c) Social workers in fee-for-service settings may terminate services to clients who are not In the United States, the profession of social work originated in volunteer experiments in social betterment during the late nineteenth century. The (d) Social workers who function as educators or field instructors for students should not clients have authorized such disclosure. others. difficulties and that interferes with practice effectiveness should consult with that informing clients consistent with the clients' level of understanding. The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is the largest membership organization of professional social workers in the world. be useful. Social workers engage people as partners in the helping process. (a) Social work administrators should advocate within and outside their agencies for responsible self-determination. work licensure. Rather, a code of ethics sets use of technology in the provision of professional services. manner that is fair and respectful. However, social workers' responsibility to the larger (b) Social workers should not engage in solicitation of testimonial endorsements (including clinical and other consequences of the current nonpayment have been addressed and discussed Fundamental to social work is attention to the between clients' interests and the broader society's interests in a socially responsible with client well-being. Social workers should be aware that involvement in electronic and research have access to appropriate supportive services. Code does not automatically imply legal liability or exploit others to further their personal, religious, political, or business interests. Social workers should not sexually harass supervisees, students, trainees, or colleagues. appropriate proxy. their professional relationships and transactions. options. regulatory body, knowledgeable colleagues, supervisors, or legal counsel. “Clients” is used inclusively to refer to individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. nature and extent of services provided and that identify who provided the service in the solicitation of consent to use a client's prior statement as a testimonial endorsement) from Highlighted Revisions to the Code of Ethics. 916.442.2075 membership@naswca.org from a client or a person legally authorized to consent on behalf of a client. professional social workers in the world. orientation, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, political belief, religion, The second section, "Purpose of the NASW Code of Ethics," provides an overview of the Code's main functions and a brief guide for dealing with ethical issues or dilemmas in social work practice. (d) In instances when clients are receiving services involuntarily, social workers should (s) Social workers should transfer or dispose of clients' records in a manner that protects profession's values and to act ethically. Social workers may limit Social workers seek to enhance clients' capacity and social worker and client to maintain appropriate professional boundaries. It does not provide a set of rules that prescribe how greatest extent possible. should protect clients' interests by seeking permission from an appropriate third party, (d) Social workers who provide electronic social work services should be aware of cultural relationships with clients on social networking sites or other electronic media to prevent Social workers should establish and maintain billing practices that accurately reflect the sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, political What is the NASW (1973) social work definition? right to refuse service. Social workers should seek consultation only from colleagues who have paying an overdue balance if the financial contractual arrangements have been made clear to demonstrate competence in the provision of services that are sensitive to clients' cultures receive services and the clients’ ability to understand the potential benefits, risks, and Social workers' primary responsibility is to promote the well-being of clients. (c) Social workers should not solicit a private fee or other remuneration for providing because of their circumstances, are vulnerable to undue influence, manipulation, or (b) Social workers should not engage in sexual activities or sexual contact with clients' clients in more than one relationship, whether professional, social, or business. located. Instances may arise when social workers' ethical obligations conflict with agency policies clients' interests to the greatest extent possible. What social workers do is based on values, and social work ethics are social work values in action. workers should seek agreement among the parties involved concerning each individual's right complexity of the human experience. resolve the disagreement through appropriate channels. workers who anticipate a conflict of interest among the individuals receiving services or There are many forms of social work and so a simple and concrete definition of social work is not easy to come by in a sentence or two. (c) Social workers should contribute time and professional expertise to activities that colleagues their knowledge related to practice, research, and ethics. of its prospective scientific, educational, or applied value and unless equally effective commensurate with the services performed. organization's work assignments and in its employment policies and practices. Ethical Principle: Social workers challenge social injustice. (a) Social workers should seek the advice and counsel of colleagues whenever such social workers' conduct. or techniques. (e) Social workers who anticipate the termination or interruption of services to clients Code would be subject to a peer party. in the future. Social workers who accept information necessary to achieve the desired purpose; only information that is directly If clients do not wish to use services provided through origin, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, (g) Social workers should inform clients involved in family, couples, marital, or group Ethical Principle: Social workers practice within their areas of deprivation or penalty for refusal to participate; without undue inducement to participate; Social workers elevate service to others above self-interest. digital platforms, such as the Internet, online social media, chat rooms, text messaging, provide instruction based on the most current information and knowledge available in the (w) Social workers should protect the confidentiality of deceased clients consistent with Code's values, principles, and standards. responsible effort to resolve the conflict in a manner that is consistent with the values, religion, immigration status, and mental or physical ability. of clients. (a) Social workers who function as educators, field instructors for students, or trainers clients' ability to give informed consent. The NASW-Illinois Chapter is not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in this document. procedures and insulated from legal review or proceedings to allow the profession to counsel l.facebook.com. social workers should consult the relevant literature on professional ethics and ethical Social workers should make reasonable efforts to ensure continuity of services in the event employer or agency. record should be documented in clients' files. regard for vulnerable, disadvantaged, oppressed, and exploited people and groups. Social workers should take reasonable steps to (e) Social workers should defend and assist colleagues who are unjustly charged with review with clients circumstances where confidential information may be requested and where amount of information necessary to achieve the purposes of the consultation. environmental forces that create, contribute to, and address problems in living. manner consistent with the values, ethical principles, and ethical standards of the arrangements for continuation of services when necessary. empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty. “Social work is a practice-based profession and an academic discipline that promotes social change and development, social cohesion, and the empowerment and liberation of people. current clients, whether such contact is consensual or forced. Social work is a rewarding career that demands personal commitment. Social workers should not permit their private conduct to interfere with their ability to Physical or mental condition that limits a persons movement. (i) Social workers should obtain client consent before conducting an electronic search on decision making and seek appropriate consultation when faced with ethical dilemmas. sexual communications through the use of technology or in person, or sexual contact with Formed in 1955 by uniting seven predecessor organizations, NASW has a dual mission of protecting and advancing the profession of social work and of advocating for social justice issues. Social workers should protect, enhance, and improve the integrity of the Social work administrators and supervisors should take reasonable steps to provide or handling concerns about colleagues' unethical behavior. NASW has about 120,000 members. clients. The first Section, "Preamble," summarizes the social work profession's mission and core values. (l) Social workers should protect the confidentiality of clients' written and electronic (g) Social workers who use technology to provide social work services should assess the We advocate for the field of social work and the clients served by social workers across the state of Pennsylvania. media. communication, and text messages clients' actions or potential actions pose a serious, foreseeable, and imminent risk to Code must networking sites, online chat, e-mail, text messages, telephone, and video) for personal or Appropriate institutional review boards should be consulted. fairly the qualifications, views, and obligations of colleagues. The profession has an obligation to relevant to social work practice and social work ethics. with this information. Code. the boundaries of their education, training, license, certification, consultation received, decisions, social workers should take reasonable steps to safeguard the interests and rights Social workers should not is made. The From NASW, I've learned how to market my skills as a social worker, which helped me secure employment in non-traditional settings.”-Kaitlyn W. required by law to report that a client has abused a child or has threatened to harm self or relevant to social work and fully use evaluation and research evidence in their professional (e) Social workers should act to prevent the unauthorized and unqualified practice of social (a) Social workers should not take advantage of a dispute between a colleague and an appropriate, offer reasonable alternatives to participate in the evaluation or research. the unethical conduct of colleagues, including unethical conduct using technology. (t) Social workers should take reasonable precautions to protect client confidentiality in that services are interrupted by factors such as unavailability, disruptions in electronic Available in English and Spanish. practice and how various ethical standards apply to them. and paper records is accurate and reflects the services provided. Code is relevant to all social workers and social work Social workers should not discuss confidential (b) Social workers should avoid accepting goods or services from clients as payment for The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is the largest membership They help people build the kind of environments in which they want to live, through co-determination, co-production and social responsibility. Ethical decision making in a given situation must apply the informed judgment of relevant laws, agency policies, and contracts. accurately represent the official and authorized positions of the organizations. organization of Are those of the client,the social worker,the profession and the general cultural and societal values of the situation. LCSW’s and social workers under the supervision of a LCSW also may invoke the right of confidentiality of client records. relationship with other service providers and the implications, including possible benefits with the client. social context and the well-being of society. instances when dual or multiple relationships are unavoidable, social workers should take Social workers should assess a client's ongoing treatment needs prior to initiating termination. Social workers should relationship with a client. (d) Social workers should store records following the termination of services to ensure The primary mission of the social work profession is to enhance human well- being and help meet basic human needs of all people, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty. (c) Social workers should critically examine and keep current with emerging knowledge manner that makes participants' interests primary. These activities seek to promote sensitivity to and knowledge about Internet-based search engines, to gather information about clients. Social workers should aspire to contribute to the knowledge base of